DULU a posted Jan 28, 19

eXploited has officially LEFT Atlas.


Please do not fill out applications on this site for Atlas. We still have some members playing the game, feel free to contact them in game.

Lord Vicious has stepped down from his leadership role, due to his battle with testicular cancer. We wish him the best, and hope he makes a full recovery.

January Update!

DULU a posted Jan 23, 19

-Atlas was a fun pit-stop, but we are heading full sail towards Classic World of Warcraft now.

-Fractured is very likely dead. 

-Recruitment will be back in full swing starting immediately.

-GUILD MEETING, Tuesday January 29th, 9:00 PM EST - be in discord voice. Expect the meeting to last no longer than 20 minutes.

December Update

DULU a posted Dec 1, 18

-Fractured Pre-Alpha is starting soon.

-With over 6 months until Classic WoW, we are playing other games together to team-build and prepare for it's launch. All members and recruits are welcome to come join us. Right now the two main games most of us are playing are League of Legends, and Path of Exile.

-Recruitment is still open. If you have a friend that would be a good fit, have them apply.

Diablo 2 Event!

DULU a posted Nov 21, 18

We will be playing DIABLO 2 (Classic, not LoD) tonight, in a hardcore IRONMAN event. Feel free to join us in discord. Ironman event will kick-off at 10:30pm EST.

edit: D2 night was a big success! Audy died like a scrub in act 1, Cerberus got stuck between mobs and her pets in act 2, and Lejnd lost a duel to the death.. Their deeds of valor will be remembered.

Next gaming night will probably be Path of Exile, Escape from Tarkov, or Diablo 3.


DULU a posted Nov 18, 18

If you're interested in streaming for the guild, contact myself or Audy via discord. Not just classic WoW, but any game you would like to stream, and put on this site. We are also looking for dedicated streamers and recorders specifically for classic when it launches.

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