DULU a posted Nov 14, 18

- DKP tab is working now, with our sister site up and running. Big thanks to Audy and Blank. Wouldn't have been possible without them.

- Charter updated to include an "About us"

- Application expanded

Updates 11/12

DULU a posted Nov 12, 18

-Charter updated

-YouTube and Twitch up and running, click Media tab to browse

-Discord link removed, now accepted applicants will be sent the info directly

-Officer/CO role shakeup

-First raid roster tentatively filled, some inactive members may be removed

-Second raid roster to begin this week

-Roster and DKP will be combined into a new style of tracker, built by Sairanos

-Application revised

Please read the new Charter. If you’re looking to join, after reading the charter, fill out the application and then wait to be contacted by an officer.

Follow us on Twitter by clicking the link, we will use this to announce world boss spawns to allow us to mobilize before other guilds.

Roster has been updated.

Roster 11/08

"Summer" 2019 Classic World of Warcraft will launch. That gives us roughly 7 months to prepare for our next MMO adventure.

Our new class leaders from this point on are as follows:

-Praystation (Priest)

-Val (Shaman)

-Lumb (Warrior)

-Audy (Warlock)

-Imago (Rogue)

-Durban (Mage)

There will be no Druid or Hunter class leaders yet, as we simply don't have enough raid slots for those classes to warrant assigning a leader.

We are still recruiting for our main raid group. We are in particular need of healers, but still recruiting every class.Get your friends hyped for classic, and send them here.

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